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How To Win Every Time in Cricket:- Secret Winning Tricks

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  1. Golden Rule:- Always Must Loss Cut Under 19 P or when you make Profit of 70% or More.
  2. Never Book Set. Always Do Loss Cut.
  3. Never Make Any entry at open rate. Wait at least for 20P Odds change in your favor.
  4. Never make entry in open session. Wait for at least 2-3 Runs up-down.
  5. At Sunday, Back Only Non-Favorite Team. You will win 70% Time by this way.
  6. If any team rest their 2-3 key players, than this team will lose for sure.
  7. Don’t bet on draw in test matches.
  8. If Favorite remain favorite till 80% of First Innings, then lambi will be YES.
  9. Kisi Bhi League ke Starting Matches Jackpot Hote Hai.
  10. If any T20 Runs for 1st over is 5.5 than runs will be not.
  11. Top 3 Cup winner team maise 1 team Cup winner or Reach to final.
  12. If a promoted player hit 20+ runs, then this team will win.
  13. Don’t Play session on Bookie, Play Session on Online Bet.
  14. Take Only 1 Entry in 1 Session.
  15. Yadi Ball Dot Aane ke baad bhi session badta hai, toh Session YES hoga.
  16. Chor Session Mat Khelo.
  17. Match or Session ko Alag Alag Rakho.
  18. Play Selected Matches & Play Less Player League.
  19. Take Min 3 ALR in Domestic T20 League.
  20. Take 1 Out of Box Cricket & Drop 1 Most Common Player.
  21. Early WKTS, Huge Runs Means Jackpot.
  22. Chotte Bhav me Entry Mat Karo.
  23. Defensive & Chasing Score ko Dhyaan Mai rakho.
  24. 4 Tarah ki Team Hoti Har Tournament mai. (1. Shaktimaan, 2.Hot Loser, 3. Dark Horse 4. Black Sheap ( RCB, South Africa)
  25. Fav Team is the king. 10 mai se 6 FAV Team Jeetegi.
  26. Never Bet on Open Rate or in advanced.
  27. Udhari ka mat khelo.